File Express

File Express 6.0

Database manager with rational lookup capabilities
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File Express Company, Inc.
Create, edit and manage database of up to 2 billion records and 200 fields per record. Search for specific entries, eliminate duplicates, print labels, and get detailed reports.

File Express 6.0 is an easy-to-use flat file database manager with basic relational lookup and update capabilities.
The product can accommodate over 2 billion records per database, with up to 200 fields per record with a maximum 1000 characters per field and 5000 total characters per record.
File Express includes extensive searching, reporting, label printing, importing, exporting and duplicate searching.
You can design your own data entry forms and change the database formats easily and at any time.
Supports nearly 300 different printers.
Merge records into personalized form letters.
Produce reports in columnar or free format. You can include subtotals, totals, formulas, averages, minimums, maximums, and counts.
Use English like commands to search and select data.

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